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"When everybody finds out, it will be too late"


Home to approximately 400 proud warrior people, there are few untouched places left in the world like Atiu. Over 8 million years old, our 3rd largest island is one big adventure playground, ancient and unspoiled.

Atiu Island, also known as 'Enuamanu' (land of the birds), lies roughly 187 kilometers northeast of Rarotonga and is home to lush, dense rainforests, stunning limestone caves and vibrant birdlife. Atiu's population is divided into 5 villages that radiate out from the centre of the island on a flat-topped central plateau. Surrounding the plateau is a ring of taro water gardens and over 26 untouched beaches notched into the fossil coral reefs known as makatea. The beaches for the most part remain unvisited except by those seeking a beautiful, quiet, and secluded spot to ease back into Atiu's beauty.


Explore lush, dense rainforests home to vibrant birdlife and stunning limestone caves. Surrounded by dramatic coastal coral formations called makatea, secret coves with stunning white sand are hidden all over the island, waiting to be discovered. Secluded and private, explorers can be assured of a little paradise beach all to themselves, just like Captain Cook encountered here in 1777. Be sure to check out the local Tumunu bush beer drinking houses. The warm locals love to share a homebrew over music and singing into the night.

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